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With Healthy Seas Socks you save the sea by buying soft and comfortable socks. Healthy Seas Socks are partly made from old fishing nets. These so-called ghost nets are left behind or lost in the ocean. By surfacing them, corals get the chance to grow on the bottom again, marine animals do not get stuck in them and we prevent extra plastic soup.

In collaboration with the Healthy Seas initiative, we extract ghost nets from the ocean and transform them into regenerated nylon. Healthy Seas Socks combines the regenerated nylon with 100% organic GOTS cotton. In this way, an apparently simple sock turns into an effective means of contributing quickly and easily to a better world.

Your wearing comfort is just as important to us as the fish in the sea. That is why all Healthy Seas Socks have a flat toe seam so that you do not suffer from bottlenecks. In addition, the wide border at the top ensures that they stay in place. Whether you opt for a classic sock, a fun print or a fishnet pattern, with Healthy Seas Socks at your feet we are one step closer to a clean sea.

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