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At Nine Hills Socks, their story is not just about selling socks and patiks. It's about a passion that started in the humblest of places: their love for comfort and the desire to bring it to others. It began with a simple question - how can something as simple as a pair of socks or patiks make a big difference in someone's day?

This question led them on a journey that transformed a small idea into a bustling business

Nine Hills Socks is a Canadian company with their products made in Turkey.

Nine Hills Socks

Bride - Black & Tan
Bride - Pink & Black
Daisy - Burgundy & Yellow
Daisy - Burgundy & Blue
Flower - Green & Tan
Flower - Burgundy & Brown
Flower - Pink & White
Flower - Red & Grey
Flower - Pink & Brown

Nine Hills Socks

Rose - White and Grey
Snowflake - Pink and Black
Square - Black and White
Zig Zag - Grey and Black
ZigZag - Purple and Black
Zig Zag - White and Black