Mother's Day is Coming Quickly!

Mother's Day is Coming Quickly!

 This year, let's make Mother's Day extra special by thinking outside the box and giving a gift straight from the heart. Instead of the usual flowers, chocolate and Best Mom Ever mugs, why not consider a gift that reflects her unique personality and interests? Perhaps it’s finding the perfect pair of socks that shows how much you love and know her.


Whether it's for our Mom, Grandmother or the Motherly Figure in our life, lets just show much they mean to us with a gift that truly shows our appreciation for everything they do, and replacing all the socks we have lost in the dryer over the years!We have gathered some of our favourite socks to help make your life that much easier!!!


The Animal Obsessed Mom:

Choose from a huge selection of cute animals that mom will just go crazy over!

Shown above from the left: Comin' in Hot, Haute Dog, Lobstah & Jazzercise Cats.


The Plant Mom:

A perfect gift for the mom who loves flowers but maybe isn't the best at keeping them alive...

Shown above from the left: Plant Killer, Fiesta Floral, Suck it Up ButtercupWailoa


The On-The-Go Mom:

A perfect pair of socks for the Mom who is always running around and says "Come on, it will be fun!"

Shown above from the left: Peach Persuasion Tab, Dark Roast Boyd Butterblend, Pot HeadSpice Girls - Force Five Athletic Sock


The Foodie Mom:

For the Mom that is always saying "We have food at Home" comes a line of amazing socks that will just make your tummy grumble!


Shown above from the left: Charcuterie, Hot in Here!, Magic Mountain & Fine Wine


Whatever you decide to get, as long as it comes from the heart she will absolutely love it!

Still not sure, why not visit us at one of our stores and ask a sockologist to help you out! 

Happy Mother's Day from everyone at Floorplaysocks!


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