Thermohair Sport Sock - White


$24.00 CAD

Women's Small (5-7)
Women's Medium (8-10)/Men's Small (6-8)
Women's Large (10-12)/Men's Medium (8-10)
Men's Large (10-12)

Successfully tested in Antarctica and on the world’s highest peaks, the regular socks are the original “Thermohair” socks and have been on the market since 1992. They are knit with large loops of luxuriously soft 70/30 kid mohair/nylon yarn. With unparalleled insulation and cushioning, they are the most comfortable, warm, durable socks that you will ever own. Ideal for those working and playing in the cold outdoors: contractors, hunters, fishermen, hikers, trekkers, linesmen, skiers, snowmobilers etc

Our Sport Socks have the same content as our regular style socks. They are a thinner style.